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Saturday February 15 2020 at 3:00 PM

× Indigenous storytellers spin a tale from the Kwantlen First Nations Village of Squa’lets, about Th’owxiya, an old and powerful spirit that inhabits a feast dish. When Kw’atel, a hungry mouse, steals from the dish she angers Th’owxiya and must find a way to appease her. With the help of the Sqeweqs (Raven), two Spa:th (bears), and Sasq’ets (sasquatch), Kw’atel finds gifts to appease the goddess and the journey becomes one of knowledge, understanding, and forgiveness. Sometimes tricking an ancient spirit is the best step forward!


Studio Theatre at Surrey Arts Centre
13750 - 88 - Avenue
Surrey BC V3W 3L1

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Performance Notes

Tricking an ancient spirit is sometimes the best way forward. Indigenous storytellers spin tales.

Presented by Surrey Civic Theatres
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